26 September 2023

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12 Minutes – The Indie title with big actors

The indie game, 12 Minutes, produced by Luís António, presented yesterday, during the Opening Night Live of Gamescom 2020, a strong cast to give voice to the characters of this title that stood out from the others at E3 last year.

As narrator, we have Willem Dafoe who does not need introductions. For example, we can see him playing the role of Norman Osborn in Spiderman and Spiderman 2. James McAvoy who has been known for his roles as Professor X in the titles of X-Men or even Deadpool 2 and lastly Daisy Ridley, if you don’t know who this actress is, you are definitely part of the Dark Side. Yes, the actress who embodies Rey in the Star Wars Universe.

For the more distracted, 12 minutes is an interactive thriller about a man who is trapped in a 12-minute loop. But what really happens during those brief moments? We are all curious to unravel these mysteries, with no cats involved because they say that curiosity killed the cat.

You can see the presentation trailer and hear the voices of the actors: