22 June 2024

505 Games debuted its first-ever individual presentation of digital products in order to show the world new projects and their main producers.

This showcase featured the presence and voice of former MTV presenter Patrice Bouédibéla who, as indicated by himself, is an avid player, as well as the presence of content creators and selected media. As this is an online event and with live interactions by the entire audience, there was the possibility of asking questions throughout the showcase, with answers to selected questions from two producers at the end.

Among the Trolls was the first title to be featured. A game that mixes survival with action-adventure in first person, where the mysteries of a Finnish forest are unraveled. But what will really make this title stand out from the rest of the survival games released so far? This was a question that was looming over me as I ran the trailer. From this point of view, highlight the entire super immersive environment of the forest itself, where the player will get into the shoes of Alex or Anna, who traveled from the United States to Finland, in order to visit their grandparents, who live in a cabin far from the city ​​and surrounded by trees. It turns out that his grandparents disappeared leaving the cabin completely abandoned. Thus, it is up to the player to find his grandparents, embarking on a world of Norse Mythology, while learning to survive the setbacks of living in a wild area inhabited by supernatural beings from Finnish Folklore. According to the producer, the whole concept of “Among the Trolls” is that the world itself belongs to the Trolls and the other beings of the forest and is even partially composed of them. The Trolls themselves function as NPC characters. They are part of the story and are not enemies of the player, they are something that the player will eventually help, by being helped by, or by working together with, to solve certain mysteries of the forest.

This adventure can be lived alone or with friends, as it supports up to four-player co-op, and the story mode is included.

The second title to be presented was Stray Blade, an action RPG that features intense combat while exploring the ancient ruins of a mysterious civilization.

Legend has it that there is a location called Acrea the Lost Valley, a wild area with immense vegetation and a super powerful aura. The character ends up finding Accre, but ends up dying unexpectedly. Wrapped in this mystery the player is brought back to life but with a little if not… He is somehow stuck in this land. The objective is to regain your freedom while restoring balance to this war-torn location.

Throughout the adventure, the player will have the presence of his faithful companion, Boji, in a world that is constantly changing. This was a point made by the producer himself, where he stated that the world will always be in constant change. For example, the player found a camp and ended up defeating the enemies and capturing the items left by them. Later, if you pass through this same area, the camp may have been recaptured by another group. This makes the whole atmosphere convey a feeling of constant movement and never stopped by the player’s actions.

In terms of progression, the main character is a fighter who will gain experience as he wins battles, while Boji is a craftsman who increases his experience by finding pieces of Lore.

The Eiyuden Chronicle universe is currently being developed. Rising was the third title to be featured at this showcase. However, already released during the month of May, this is a “companion game” of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundread Heroes, and that was thought of as a Standalone experience. An action RPG that weaves pre-war tales of various characters who will eventually become companions in Eiyuden Chronicle.

The story promises to introduce a lot of the cast of characters, mixed with lots of action and city-building and improvement elements. The background of this adventure is based on the desire to find treasures and the need to rebuild Runebarrows after an earthquake. The group of friends decides to help with the works as they strengthen their bonds of friendship and settle disputes between adventurers and inhabitants of the picturesque location who claim that Barrows should not be disturbed.

Lastly, presented first hand, Miasma Chronicles, a title described as a tactical adventure, from the same products as “Mutant Year Zero”, focused on the adventure of two brothers in order to find their mother. The world is set in a dark future where the phenomenon known as Miasma dominates everything. The presentation trailer did not reveal much of the adventure, just a small conversation between the protagonists and where one of them tried to control a kind of portal that brought to my memory aspects of the title “Control”. Miasma Chronicles is definitely worth keeping an eye out for, because it promises.

You can watch the full showcase here: