26 September 2023

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Arclands on Kickstarter

Arclands is a game about creating a buzzing village and becoming a powerful enough wizard to defend it.

You’re a wizard who got banished from their home because they rivaled the ruling wizard in power. What you gonna do, that’s wizard rule right there. Banished citizens are sent to the Arclands – a treacherous collection of islands inhabited by monsters which are attracted to everything magic.

That’s bad for you and your followers, so the only way to survive is to grow and fortify your village. You will see it grow from a loose collection of rugged tents to a heavily fortified city, attract other banished refugees, and discover the secrets of the Arclands.

In terms of gameplay is akin to classic RTS games you can build structures and your citizens will start working on them. Provide your citizens with a comfy place to sleep, build flower beds or taverns to keep them happy and occupied in their free time. Secure your city with walls and a vast selection of traps and towers.

This title is right now on Kickstarter and you can follow all the developments on Twitter.