22 February 2024

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ASH Games at Indie Arena

This weekend marks the first GamesCom 100% online. Perfect place to test titles or to contact with publishers. You can be part of this great fair that will take place from 27 to 30 August.

Well, the publisher Application Systems Heidelberg will be on Indie Arena Booth Online and we had access to early demos of five titles.

Mutropolis is a point and click sci-fi adventure game that puts you in the shoes of Henry Dijon, an archaeologist with a detective mind in search of the legendary lost land. The city gives its name to this peculiar title that presents itself with a delicious graphic style made by hand strokes.

Growbot is a point and click adventure title that puts the player in the position of Nara, a robot that tries to save his home from a force coming from Dark Crystalline. Set in a 2D world, this adventure is mostly about trying to solve small puzzles and finding objects that help to discover what is really possible to do to save Nara’s house and her friends.

Howdy Partner! (I always wanted to say this). Rosewater is an adventure title also point and click, set in the alternative 19th century. Harley Leger, the central character of the plot, tries to find his space and fame in Western Vespuccia, all this as he meets bandits, eccentric visionaries, and some friends.

Ghost on the Shore
Ghost on the Shore is an exploration title about connections that transcend even after death. Riley, the character played by the player, is a young woman who is trapped on a seemingly deserted island and has with her the presence of a ghost who remembers practically nothing. The story thus goes through the exploration of the different buildings, until the ghost Josh recovers from his lack of memory. It is still possible to make small choices regarding dialogue, thus shaping our experience with Josh.

Haiki is a super accurate platform title where you need a lot of focus and coordination at your fingertips. At your disposal, the player will have the possibility to walk back and forth, a button to jump and the two “bumpers” to remove or place platforms, lasers or blocks from the path, which allow reaching the end of the level. Mechanics and gameplay that somewhat resemble the highly acclaimed Celeste. It is really necessary to have a great deal of patience and especially expertise to overcome all levels.

For me, and as a personal note, the titles that most caught my attention were Mutropolis, both for its very peculiar style of graphics and for its history, and Ghost on the Shore for its interesting and very mysterious plot. These demos were very short, but they undoubtedly sharpened the desire to know more about these projects.