26 September 2023

Indie Corner Games

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Work with Pedro

With more than five years of experience in roles such as a game demonstrator, social media manager, community manager and graphic designer, I have cultivated my expertise in presenting games through collaborations with diverse gaming companies and studios, as well as conducting podcasts and interviews with producers and developers.

My educational background includes a degree in Digital Marketing, which has enhanced my ability to effectively convey essential information combined with my funny personality. Working with me offers a unique edge, as I have a deep knowledge about games, allowing me to clearly speak about any topic about them.

Here are the skills you can expect:

  • Clear Business Communication
  • Timely Responses to Requests
  • Sharing Insights for Sponsored Streams
  • Delivery of Constructive Feedback
  • Careful Attention to Game/Campaign Brief Details
  • Enthusiasm, Creative and Fun!

Video Gameplay for Steam Page

  • FatalZone

FatalZone is an auto shooter with roguelike and RPG elements set in a savage world of zombies. Exterminate zombie hordes, collect resources, upgrade your camp, and level up mercenaries. Humanity must survive at any cost!

  • Voltaire: The Vegan Vampire

Voltaire: The Vegan Vampire is an action-farming-roguelite set in Transylvania, the homeland of Dracula and his rebellious lastborn son, Voltaire. An epiphany results in a change of heart for the young vampire: abandoning blood in favor of a plant-based diet out of spite to prove to his father that neck-biting is not the only way for vampires to thrive.