22 February 2024

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Dandy Ace on Kickstarter

Dandy Ace is an over the top action game, from the Brazilian studio Madmimic, that follows a fabulous magician seeking to combine and use his magical cards, fighting and looting his way to defeat the Green-Eyed Illusionist and free himself from a cursed mirror.

There’s currently a Kickstarter campaign going on, so if you want to help this project to thrive feel free to do so.

Since this is a Rogue-lite experience you have to try, die and try again until you beat the Green-Eyed Illusionist with the replayability and with permanent upgrades that make you stronger as you progress further with each run.

There are different combinations of attacks that allow you to have different builds. In this case, the combination is pretty much different cards with more than a thousand possibilities, each with its own gameplay style and powers. Which turns things fresh every single run.

We also invited Luis Sampaio, the game designer, for our Podcast. So if you missed out you can always hear via Spotify or Itunes or even check the youtube:

The demo version is available during the PAX online. If you are curious about Dandy Ace don’t waste this opportunity to be the magician that you always wanted to be!