26 September 2023

Indie Corner Games

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Devoul – Curse of the Soulless (in development)

Devoul is a Metroidvania style game set in a dark and corrupted world.  Follow the adventures of Gebriel, a demon hunter, and Lani his ghost sidekick, while they explore the cursed castle Cambriala seeking the infamous vampire lord Raizer.

Who doesn’t like a pixel art platformer Metroidvania game? With that said exploration and backtracking are necessary and rewarding for the more attentive players.

Overtake difficult obstacles, fight hordes of monsters and demons and explore a vast world map that goes beyond the cursed castle.
As you advance more in the game, you will find powerful key items that will give you important abilities to use. These items will not only be useful in combat but also allow you to open new areas and rooms once closed or secret.

There’s also a strong part of RPG mechanics, with different combat classes, skills, and more than 100 pieces of equipment at your disposal!

Even with no expected release date, you can always try the PC demo, which is available here!