24 September 2023

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Entrudo, distinguished at IndieDB

Entrudo is an exploration game with rhythm minigames developed by studio Twinkle Frog Studios (Powered by IPLeiria).

This title follows the path of the tourist Finn, who decided to visit a Portuguese shale village, Aldeia da Pena. On his way, Finn discovers the Entrudo Race in which, to participate, he has to play rhythm games. While exploring the village, you will also come across tablets that talk about Portuguese myths, the village, as well as the Entrudo tradition.

Main features/features:

· The nature and charms of Aldeia da Pena combined with the different characters that portray Portuguese legends and myths. For

· Traditionally Portuguese medieval folk music present in the various rhythm games throughout the game. Three typical instruments were used in homage to Portuguese music: accordion, flute, and cavaquinho.

· A single-player gaming experience with a heavy narrative focus on the tradition of the Entrudo Race.

Entruido is the name of the first video game for PC developed by Twinkle Frog Studios. The game reached fourth place in the IndieDB Indie of the Year 2022 in the Best Upcoming category, and is also nominated for the PlayStation Awards finalists, as well as being present at the Lisbon Games Week 2022 in the Portuguese Indie area.

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