24 September 2023

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Exit the Gungeon

In the same way as “what goes around comes around”, what goes in will also have to leave. The famous Shoot ’em up roguelike from Dodge Roll Studios is back with the title “Exit the Gungeon”.

This title presents a totally different mechanic, but with the same essence as the entry title, trying to shoot and destroy all enemies and, if you die, repeat the process.

Exit the Gungeon starts right where the first ended. However, the actions of the main character in the previous title had very negative consequences and now the player is forced to try to save the day, in an endless elevator … Confused?

Well, all the mechanics of the game take place in an upward spiral. The player will have to use an elevator to precisely try to get out of this endless loop of different levels and enemies. Each character has its own path, and all enemies as well as “Boss Battles” will be different in each run, it is really random.

With this new way of moving, the camera and POV are also different from its predecessor. It can be said that it is a kind of side scroller, instead of the traditional camera seen from above, where it is necessary to jump a lot to avoid enemy attacks. At your disposal, the player will have the possibility, as previously said, to jump and perform the roll ability to dodge enemy attacks. It is important to note that when jumping the player himself is performing the ability to dodge, it is a two in one.

With an absolutely giant and random arsenal, the fun is also evident in the idea of ​​what will come next. The tradition of not knowing which weapon will appear in the next section is present, only now the weapon changes after a short period of time. It is best not to get too used to the weapon, because it will eventually be replaced by another. The difficulty of the combat itself requires a quick adaptability, eyes wide open and the player’s improvisation to face the different challenges presented on the screen.

It is a true roulette of emotions that can dictate the failure or success of the run, and it is precisely this aspect that makes this title so addictive. The curiosity to know how the next attempt will go, what weapons and enemies will cross on the way.

The controls take time to master and playing this title in portable mode can be more complicated than it looks. It is necessary to be very precise in the timing of pressing the triggers, both to fire and to dodge enemy attacks.

Exit the Gungeon is actually quite difficult to tame. When the player becomes familiar with the mechanics, the game opens up to an absolute burst of adrenaline, thanks to its speed of flawless play, a huge arsenal of weapons and enemies as different as difficult to predict their next attack. Although it is a game that punishes a lot, it is extremely inviting for new players that have never seen any title in this franchise.