22 June 2024

The title Fledging Heroes, from Subtle Boom studios, is a game where players have to get around obstacles with just the touch of a key.

Seems like a familiar mechanic doesn’t it? Well, it would be strange if the game Flappy Bird was not mentioned, because in fact Fledging Heroes drinks all the essence of the challenging and super frustrating title that, meanwhile, has been removed from all platforms.

Since the beginning of the adventure, the game treats the players with some charming animations, combined with dialogue composed entirely of rhymes, thus managing to create a happy atmosphere.

It is in fact a mixture of flavors, not always the best. On the one hand, the player is presented with very cute-looking characters, which make everything refer to a younger age group of players, but on the other hand, the real gameplay of just pressing a button requires a lot of skill, which leaves foresee moments of frustration. Its purpose is to press a button for the character or flap its wings, or jump over objects or even to swim. Between this pressing of the key there is also the mechanics of gliding if the button for flapping wings is kept pressed down.

The objective is to reach the end of the level. However, Fledging Heroes adds the premise of collectible items, from new “skins” for birdies, such as feathers or items for creating levels.

Right from the start, this title allows the player to assume the role of several characters, Biscuit, the parrot, Penny, the penguin among other feathered friends. As previously indicated, each character has its own type of locomotion. Biscuit, flies, while Penny will have to get around maritime obstacles as he is quite good at swimming.

The story mode is divided into 3 different areas and this is where the separation between characters exists. In each new area there is the possibility to play with two different characters and presented promptly by the opening cutscene of each area.

In addition to this mode, there is the possibility of creating levels, as well as changing the appearance of the characters. As for the character editor, it’s pretty basic. It allows changing only the colors of sections of the body, which contrasts a little with the level editor. It is possible to create basic levels, “infinite” levels as the level ends when the player hits an object, or a “Boss” level. All this creation is possible with a simple touch on the monitor (playing in portable mode), or with the remote.

There is the possibility to play other players’ levels, which adds a lot of longevity to a title that at a story level and at pre-made levels, is quite short.

With a very pleasant look, a little like a storybook for children and a song to accompany this theme, it becomes confusing as it presents quite difficult gameplay. It remains uncertain where to place this title if indicated for a younger audience or for a more competitive audience.