22 June 2024

If you’re like Agnes from “Gru – The Unwell” it’s best to stay away from this title… As indicated by the producers themselves, Flewfie’s Adventure is an incredibly cute side-scrolling shooter! And it really maintains that whole atmosphere in the course of the various worlds. But don’t be fooled by this less predictable side of things. This can be a title with a very high level of difficulty.

The story is simple and all the characters have very short and easy to understand approaches. Well, the scientist Snail from the land of Cutemellow has finally found a way to produce an invention he’s super proud of. However, he doesn’t quite know what such a contraption is for. Thus was born a spaceship with all the gadgets. Without knowing very well how to put it to work and during a period of perplexity in the face of such a feat, the bad guy appears. A cat with ideas to conquer the entire kingdom of Cutemellow haunted the Snail’s ideas and took over the ship to produce chaos.

This is where the hero of the story, Flewfie, a super cute kitten, played by the player, enters. Flewfie also has a spaceship at his disposal, which is his main way of locomotion during the different levels. It is still possible, and in very specific cases, to leave the ship and venture out on foot through the level. But it’s actually quite rare, as every way to defeat enemies is done through attacks fired by the ship. Attack mechanics are pretty simple. The right analog serves to aim the weapon to fire automatically and the left analog serves to pilot the ship. This ship is also equipped with the possibility to use the light beam to recover the life bar, making the hearts present in specific points of the map levitate and the ability to do a small “dash” to avoid enemy attacks or just to walk a little faster.

The adventure unfolds in five different worlds, with environments ranging from a steampunk environment to a Halloween-esque environment, all of them demarcated by different music and very bright graphics. At this last point, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish aspects of the background from what is actually going on during combat. It seems that everything blends together not giving the player’s eye space to focus on what really matters.

In each world, it is possible to defeat the final Boss and complete a side mission. Though unimportant, it’s a way to extend playing time. These missions are just collecting objects present on the map, often in so-called “secret” locations, so exploration is really an ally in this regard. At each level, it is possible to collect 5 coins and a collectible animal, which once released appears in the world in question.

This title doesn’t feature any skill tree, but it’s possible to equip different collectibles, which don’t just change the appearance of Flewfie and his ship.

Attributes go up exponentially as the player progresses from world to world, but for that, he will have to open 100% level completion boxes or find collectible objects on the map. There is no kind of bonus for example per set, which in other titles are characterized by being elements of the same nature.

Flewfie’s Adventure is an adventure that despite being very cute, has a very high difficulty level. It is possible to change the difficulty, making it an adventure for all levels of finger agility. It doesn’t present anything new in the genre but it is somehow one of those titles where you can disconnect your brain from the plug and defeat everything that appears on the screen. Easy to say yes, but not too deep.

[This review is based on a retail build of the game for Steam, provided by Novy Unlimited]