22 June 2024

Gladihaters is a management title where the objective is to keep a dystopian prison on everyone’s lips. This is because without money there is no possibility of evolution.

The player takes on the role of director of the establishment and, consequently, operations manager, where he will have complete control over everything in his small Empire. The goal is to win the Prison Arena of the Year Award within 365 days. If this objective fails, you will have to resign from the position.

Everything revolves around the fights between very peculiar and important characters in the history of humanity. The action between prisoners will be done randomly, but the player will be able to intervene and give some instructions to the fighter and change the rules of combat, such as allowing weapons in the most diverse ways or changing small notes in the arena during a period of time, in order to make all the action even more interesting for the viewer. If the spectator is entertained, he will spend more money per combat.

As for the prisoners, at the moment it is possible to clone only 3 different characters, Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln and Joan of Arc. However, this being an Early Access title, we can only imagine what mythical figures will be added in the future. Maybe a little Greek or Egyptian mythology to help with the party?

Gladihaters can be purchased in Early Access on Steam for €9.99.