26 September 2023

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Help Will Come Tomorrow

Help Will Come Tomorrow is the title presented by the Polish studio, Arclight Creations, where survival is the main premise, in the icy world of Siberia, full of decisions to be made.

The story is set in the last century, more specifically in October 1917, where the environment seems removed from the Frozen universe, and not in a good way. Tensions increase as Russia approaches the start of the Bolshevik Revolution. A set of characters travel on the Trans-Siberian railway line when it is attacked and falls off the tracks.

Four characters survive and at each new start made by the player, they are randomly assigned. The survivors are trapped in the Siberian desert and the urge to survive is urged, both in the harsh winter weather and the attacks by rebels that echo in the background. Joining this panoply of events, the player will also have to work with the weaknesses, prejudices, and strengths of his group.

The mechanics of the game focuses on the survival of the characters, meeting their needs. All elements have their own history, from members of the aristocracy at the height of their power, explorers, or even a humble member who just wants to survive to find another family member. All this “backstory” will have an impact on the way each one reacts to the adversities put in the way, to the different types of behaviors, and the thoughts that the player will slowly discover through the conversations around the campfire.

There must be a coexistence between characters as it is necessary to build certain key points that help survival. Rest points, points where it is possible to build certain attack equipment, which helps both in the event of being attacked or on the other hand, which help hunt wild animals that serve as food. For the construction of these small points, cooperation between characters is necessary, and like any other interaction in real life, it is not always possible to work with the right people. This will have an impact on the durability or quality of the final construction, or even, it will not be at all possible to proceed with the construction of it.

It is important to note that each of these structures has other types of actions in addition to their main functions. Like the possibility of fraternizing at the stake, building relationships between members, and progressing through the different development trees, which will dramatically improve the chances of leaving this experience.

The creation of a camp is not the only requirement for survival. It is imperative to organize frequent expeditions to areas surrounding the countryside to capture supplies needed to expand, or elements, which help in the recovery of the different “stats” of the characters (hunger, thirst, sleep, etc.). This is where most of the resources really come from. Not everything is good news, as there is a possibility of losing characters. If you try to pull too hard for the characters, they can get lost along the way, be shot by a group of attackers, or even break some bone.

Help Will Come Tomorrow demonstrates a survival strategy narrative that brings interesting ideas. Unfortunately, the controls for the Nintendo Switch are not the most intuitive and it is possible to waste some time trying to understand their mechanics. Mechanics that become a little repetitive over time, leaving only the player’s willingness to discover a little more about the history of the different characters.

A desirable title for lovers of the genre, with many choices ahead. For those who decide to take this trip by train, good luck! It will be necessary.

You can read this review in Portuguese here.