22 February 2024

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Into A Dream gets an Indiegogo pre-launch page

Into a Dream is an emotional and powerful journey about family, love and hopelessness. The story unfolds as you wander through the dreams of Luke Williams, a man who found himself with no more hope in his life. A story about how inevitable events can change ourselves are our relationships with those around us, and how those who love us can help us endure the hardest moments that are presented to our lives.

Key features:

  • An emotional, heartbreaking and humane narrative about love, hopelessness and depression
  • Beautiful original soundtrack and dreamlike atmosphere
  • Puzzles that are directly related to the narrative
  • Full character voice over
  • Complex and real characters and relationships

This project now counts with a pre-launch Indiegogo page!

You can follow all its development here on Twitter, and also try the demo on Steam.