22 February 2024

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Kickstarter Corner – December Highlights

Want to know what’s happening on Kickstarter these days? Check the list, created with the community, that counts with 6 projects that you probably didn’t know that you would need.

Decline’s Drops

Decline’s Drops is a hand-drawn 2D platform-brawler, taking inspiration from game classics. Embracing the level design mastery of Yoshi’s Island, Kirby’s Adventure or Shovel Knight, Decline’s Drops merges it with the satisfying gameplay of the Super Smash Bros. series in a solo focused adventure, full of chickens and frogs to punch, things to explore, and secrets to find. In total there are 6 worlds, each one of them being a subtle satire of our own world.

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Hell Architect

In Hell Architect you’re playing as an architect of hell. Your task here is to develop a new prison for lost souls, under the watchful eye of Lilith from HR and Frank – the Hell Manager. You’ll not only squeeze as much suffering as you can out of sinners but also gain the approval of the greatest devils in hell, including Lucifer himself, who will evaluate not only your work but also… your sense of aesthetics and thriftiness.

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Metal Tales: Overkill

Metal Tales: Overkill is an action-adventure game where Metal and Adrenaline clash to give you the 3D roguelike guitar-shooter experience of a lifetime.

The God Kuk is possessing all the guitar gods, and through them, the metalheads. Through infinite concerts, he is helping his legion of metalhead zombies wipe out every original creation of metal bands and their dedicated fans. As legions of metalheads are stripped from their passion, only one person can really grind through the challenge and come out victorious… Yes, you.

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Sibel’s Journey: About Diversity and Being You

A fun game on gender, sexuality, bodies and personal boundries.

As the game progresses, the players are introduced to in-depth knowledge and a positive attitude towards the diversity of sexualities, genders and bodies. The intention is to approach and bring young people closer to topics such as different gender identities, forms of desire, feelings and their own limits, healthy relationships, body images, anatomy, safer sex and much more. In the game, Sibel encounters loads of exciting characters with whom she gets to learn about different ways of living and loving.

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Airoheart is a top-down story based, puzzle platformer with classic real-time combat, crafted in 16-bit pixel-art style, with modern 3D-lighting to make it all the more cute

It embraces old-school real-time combat situations mixed with puzzles and platforming sequences, all from the much loved top-down pixel art perspective of the mid-90s.

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Fraymakers is a full-featured modular platform fighter. It features a main cast of beautifully sprited and hand-animated characters, detailed stages from their worlds, and a massive selection of assists from a broad selection of indie titles such as The Watcher (Slay the Spire), Octodad (Octodad series) and more.

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