26 September 2023

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Lonely Mountains: Downhill

I actually did this review when Lonely Mountains: Downhill was released back in October 2019, but only now I’ve decided to release in English.

Coming from the independent studios of Megagon Industries and published by the finger of Thunderful, comes the exciting, atmospheric, and above all with many bicycle falls, Lonely Mountains: Downhill.

The official description presents it as a mountain bike game that allows the player to take an “exciting ride through mountainous landscapes”. The “problem” is that this description does not cover all the hazards that can be encountered. The path to the finish is full of jumps and all kinds of imaginable objects that can be found in the forest. From branches, logs or stones, to steep slopes, where the player’s expertise is put to the test.

All this with superb gameplay and super responsive to controls, with the premise of riding a mountain bike through various locations. The player chooses exactly where he wants to go, although, of course, he has the path outlined by the most worn paths and which are very noticeable.

There are some rewards like new suits, bike colors and parts that allow you to unlock new bikes. Regarding these, it is possible to unlock a few different types. Some will be better for high speed, others will be preferable for making big jumps, or bicycles that handle more difficult terrain.

To unlock these parts, it is necessary to choose and perform a couple of challenges, such as finishing the track in “x” time or finishing the track with less than “x” accidents, but it is not strictly necessary to do them all. If the player wants to move to the next zone, he only has to finish the track below the accident limit. Those who like to explore will also be rewarded because it is possible to descend the mountain and find hidden areas, where it is possible to rest and relax a little.

As indicated, Lonely Mountains: Downhill has incredible and very intuitive gameplay and control over the bike. Driving, braking, turning, and cycling faster is quite easy, but mixing this with difficult terrain full of jumps and obstacles can make things more complicated, in a good way!

The graphics are another very striking and outlined element in this title, with a graphic style reminiscent of Minecraft, due to its “blocky” style, but which globally fits like a glove. Accompanying this aspect of graphics is a camera that works in the “third person” way, with a wide and complete view of the character that the player controls.

A very challenging game, but it has a very relaxing aspect. Without a soundtrack to accompany, it shows immense serenity through the sounds of nature present. From the sound of the waterfall water to the birds to the very sound of the wind. It is all very evolving.

This is a game that can please everyone, due to the fact that it is easy to control, but also because of its competitive aspect, as it is possible to compete for the online leaderboard and beat your friend’s time.

And now the main reason why I decided to post this review now – Lonely Mountains: Downhill – Eldfjall Island is coming to all platforms on October 22nd!

[This review is based on a retail build of the game for PC, provided by Thunderful Publishing.]