22 June 2024

Main Assembly, which was just released in early access on Steam, is a sandbox title where the player’s imagination has virtually no limits.

The player controls a drone, in the shape of a floating sphere with super expressive and cute eyes with the ability to build vehicles. The whole atmosphere surrounding this title is based on the humorous sense of the thing. While on the move or trying to produce something, you always have the company of a robot voice, reminiscent of the Portal game, which helps or denotes more humorous comments, depending on what is happening.

Essentially this title is a giant puzzle, with an emphasis on imagination and the logic of reproducing elements that enable movement, whether they are cars, motorcycles or even flying devices.

Each level is based on an objective, and the player will have to reproduce a vehicle that allows him to achieve that main objective. However, there are also secondary objectives that play a little on the player’s skill in driving what he tried to replicate. They are usually new parts.

The construction tool can become a little difficult. The movement of the vehicle’s various nodes and the length of the different sections change depending on the angle at which the piece is being moved and the depth of the creative options is not just based on placing the pieces in the correct places. A bit like the Kerbal Space Program, there are very real physical systems to be aware of when building more complex vehicles.

Regarding game modes, there are challenges where you can collect up to 106 stars, sandbox mode, and online co-op. In short, a panoply of choices to add to the “neverending story” of building everything you want. It is also possible to share inventions on “Steam Worksop” thus adding even more depth and fun.

A fun and very complex title.