22 June 2024

Play as Smooth Moves’ newest Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician in the latest published game by Team 17: Moving Out! Smooth Moves is equal opportunity; they will hire anyone not only regardless gender but species or if they’re a toaster as well! They also hire the handicapped! After deciding what you want your F.A.R.T. team member to look like, (change appearances anytime!) it’s time to start a career in the exciting world of moving!

The game requires all new F.A.R.T. team members to undergo a mandatory training course to teach the player the basics of moving: pick up object, drop object, throw object, team lifting and throwing if playing co-op, jump through glass and slapping objects.

After training, it is time to start taking moving jobs! This is where the charm of the game comes in: grab the stuff they want and throw it in the truck! No need to careful pack and organize. If it can be placed, stacked, thrown in, just as long as it fits! Want to throw items in the truck that aren’t theirs? Do that too! (sorry to the turtle I kidnapped when playing) Worried things might break? Not your problem, everything (almost everything most of the time) is indestructible! Performance is graded based on time taken; move all the objects in a faster time to get a gold, silver, or bronze watch.

I’m sure that turtle will enjoy its new home.

Each house will offer three bonus objectives that unlock upon completing each house the first time, giving the game even more replay value on top of trying to improve delivery times. The bonus objecties are purely optional, but for those willing to go the extra mile (or through the extra window) tokens will be awarded. The more tokens owned, the more minigames that can unlock in the arcade (upon unlocking the arcade.)

To keep game play from becoming repetitive, diverse locations to move items from are introduced in the forms of upstairs apartments, multi floored homes with a garage, haunted houses, an environment with snow and there’s even one level that pays great homage to Frogger! Bonus points exist for delivering the frog to safety!

Little frog wanted to help! Thanks buddy!

The one major flaw of a fun multiplayer game such as this is that it is couch CO-OP only and does not offer network play. CO-OP playable through Steam’s remote play service or Parsec. Experiences may vary when using remote play services. Aside from that, the game is well executed in that the game sounds and looks good and the jokes between the F.A.R.T. members is funny (“Lift with your back not your arms.”) If you have the chance to play with friends and/or family and want to enjoy a lighthearted parody of the real life moving experience, go check out their Seam page!