22 June 2024

Nimbatus, a game by Stray Fawn Studios that takes place deep in space. Build drone to do work for you: collect resources, explore areas, fight enemies. The only limitation is your imagination (and wherever resources on hand.)

This title offers many ways to play. The game has a survival mod which is a rogue-like that offers missions to unlock newer and more drone parts. Pick a captain with the perks that look the most desirable, choose a mission in the available area, build drones to complete said missions and explore the map. Be warned, if the mother ship is destroyed, it’s game over.

Not as interested in story progression and want to build fun bizarre creations instead? The game offers a sandbox mode that has everything unlocked: drone parts, captain perks, weapon unlocks, it has it all. Sandbox mode still has missions to complete with the forefront still being make the drone of your dreams.

They grow up so fast.

The drone customization is extensive; add some drills, guns, thrusts, fuel sources and give it a go in test-flight for taking on any mission but don’t forget to manually assign key bindings to every function first! No one wants to be suck using a drone that cannot turn left! Enemies shooting at you? Add some shields! Too hot? Add a cooler? Want to automate part of the process? Add a sensor, button and it does some of the processes for you! The drone editor offers a full set of logic gates allowing more logically inclined builders to fully automate entire processes! Any major fan of builder games should give this one a look!