24 September 2023

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Njinga: The Diplomat Warrior

Inspired by the Angolan queen Njinga, this is the first project of a Portuguese studio with the same name, Njinga Team. Considered an example of “Women Empowerment” and a significant part of African studies (“black history”), Njinga will be the protagonist of this game that is under development for the PC, with ambitions to be released later also for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

The campaign is divided into several episodes of the life of Njinga, who was the leader of both the Ndonho and Matambe kingdom, and aims to raise awareness of his path, as well as the impact he had on and off Africa.

With an idea of non-violence, the players will find a “combat” system based only on dialogs with the intuit of building up the narrative and tries to show that words are as much important as swords.

There’s also an extensive world to explore full of secrets and side quests to be discovered.