24 September 2023

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Nur – Explore islands with psychological problems

Nur is a 3D isometric action-adventure developed by Bedbed, a portuguese duo composed by Carlos Pedroso and InĂªs Ribeiro. The team is currently developing its first IP, Nur, for PC and Playstation4.

Play with Nur as she explores new islands and meets new friends:
. Explore a cute world: Visit cities, buy adorable clothes, repair your home, and help those in need while traveling. This journey is full of adventures, from helping a sheep with anxiety problems to go to get a haircut, to fight with ghosts inside a haunted mansion.
. Overcomes obstacles and challenges: Nur’s agility will be put to the test as it overcomes platforms full of challenges and physics-based obstacles that make the world much more alive and appealing.
. Learn while playing: each island follows a psychological theme with metaphorical compositions from all over its environment. Nur has to help each inhabitant understand how to get out of his personal crusade.

Explore a charming and welcoming world divided into small islands! Meet and talk to new characters, helping them to overcome their psychological challenges! Jump and conquer platforming challenges in a fantastic isometric voxel world!

You can follow all its development here and on Bedbed Twitter .