22 June 2024

Out of Line is set in a mysterious world created in hand-drawn 2D art style where you, a child named San, progress through an immersive and enticing story.

Each new level and discovery is one step closer to help the player interpret and theorize what Out of Line is about, giving heavy meaning and a sense of purpose to the art, levels, game mechanics and puzzles. 

Instead of making heavy use of text or a voice-over, it’s the player’s curiosity for exploration and interaction with the world that conveys the story. 

The mechanics of the game revolve around San’s spear, something the character sees as a tool and not as a weapon. 

While this helps to convey important personality traits for San, it also is the core concept that defines the broad gameplay experience of Out of Line. 

In this journey, the player will have to trust his spear and avoid being caught by very odd machines that keep hunting him while overcoming a series of obstacles and puzzles, in search of meaning and freedom, in this strange world.


On April 29th at 7 pm GMT will happen the first-ever stream of Nerd Monkeys on Twitch.

You can also wishlist Out of Line on Steam.