24 September 2023

Indie Corner Games

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Outsider: After Life

Outsider developed by the small Portuguese studio Once a Bird, it is presented as a point n ’click adventure game mixed with puzzle mechanics and a story filled with mystery.

This title is available for mobile devices, both for Android and IOS, but it really screams for wider horizons. With a premise of working with a simple touch on the screen, an adaptation for the Nintendo Switch could be a great fit.

The post-apocalyptic story begins with the awakening of an android called HUD-ini after an accident in the ruins of a mysterious scientific complex. Humanity has disappeared for centuries and the burden of saving the universe rests entirely on the metal of this little hero.

Despite being a graphic adventure with an atmosphere rich in beings and places from another galaxy, the exploration component, although very small, is present to spice up the ingenious puzzles that imply constant learning. In this way, each puzzle presents itself in a different way, making each corner a refreshing experience. The puzzles go through crossing cables so that it is possible to pass the energy to connect a mechanism, to connecting small dots present on the screen until forming a figure.

The soundtrack also has its weight in an attempt to sharpen the player’s ingenuity. For a full emersion about the whole adventure the use of headphones is recommended, however, as it is a title for a mobile device, it is likely to have some flaws, if you receive any notification.

Suitable for those who like puzzles, this is a title that makes sense to be unraveled.

[This review is based on a retail build of the game provided by Rogue Games, Inc.]