30 November 2023

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Pecaminosa on Steam Game Festival

After months of following this project, I finally had the pleasure of testing Pecaminosa at the Steam Game Festival. A Portuguese game made by the studios of Cereal Games, because they are Cereal people.

Nothing better than testing the game with the main protagonist and “head” of the studio Lázaro Raposo, already used to these situation of creation games, but in this case, it is his first title to be released on the Steam platform.

Pecaminosa is an Action RPG where the player wears the skin of John Souza, a retired detective with connections to Portugal, on his way to help a mysterious ghost of a fallen gangster. Is John a good cop or a bad cop? Does John have connections with the mafia? These questions will all be answered during the course of the story which, of course, is not mirrored in this demo and which leaves that desire to know more.

This title has several influences not only in terms of gaming. This is reflected in the delicious details of his lines of text that, for the most attentive, did not go unnoticed. These references go through the lyrics of the Beatles’ songs to references in the Skyrim universe. I have to confess that the Beatles’ passed me by, but Lázaro’s company made it easier to understand this references.

There was in fact a very careful work behind the construction of the entire city of Pecaminosa and its inhabitants. Its wide variety of locations, the way all NPCs speak (even Irish is complicated to read aloud), passing by the fact that it is possible to lose hours playing Black Jack and their whole environment screams for Noir. Or this would not be a game with a Noir tagline. Also, the music is a super catchy with differenct melodies all around the Jazz vibes.

Its action is also very well accomplished, although I only had the possibility to fight against two types of enemies, an enemy with a knife in hand and a kind of mouse and a boss fight. From what I was told the variety of weapons was also one of the points addressed by the team. So, yes, we will have more than one type of weapon at our disposal. Now the question remains, will all of this weapons be as good as the very famous weapon used by the gangsters of that time, the Tommy Gun? We will see.

Pecaminosa has its release date set for May 2021 and is entitled to all platforms. So there is no excuse for not entering this story that promises action, laughter between lines of text and an engaging story.

You can add Pecaminosa to your Steam wishlist or follow your entire journey on Twitter.