22 June 2024

PIGGE is a Portuguese project, based on the times of the “Estado Novo”, which is being produced by the small Portuguese studio, Seaward Studios, a group of four finalists in the Animation and Video Games course at ETIC.

As the description suggests, it is a title with an educational aspect, since it presents History of the Portuguese dictatorship.

The adventure revolves around a character, Filip, a fox art student, who aims to inspire the people against the totalitarian forces of PIGGE (Pig International Guard that Guards Everything). In this fight for freedom, Filip will have to obtain clues and dodge the agents who chase him at night, as he paints murals for an environment inspired by the city of Lisbon.
This title does not yet have the green light for the release date, but is being produced for PC and PS4.
You can follow all its development here

Main features of PIGGE:

. Stealth action: avoid PIGGE agents and express the people’s feelings towards an oppressive government.
. Interactive exploration: discover a world full of anthropomorphic creatures and with visual elements inspired by the dictatorship of the Estado Novo.
. A historic journey: get to know the history and struggle of the Portuguese people through a new and interactive perspective designed for younger players.

You can follow all its development here.