24 September 2023

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Rise of Zoulth

Rise of Zoulth is an offense 3D top-down tower game developed by Blue Lamp Studios. Currently In development for Android Mobile, PC and PlayStation 4.

The Zoulth’An race was almost on the verge of extinction. Queen Zoulth’Kro, sent in a capsule to a distant planet, and finding itself alone in the universe, is in charge of guaranteeing the survival of its species, through the conquest of
new planets.

– Increase your army: convert enemy troops into your own troops, using Queen Zoulth’Kro’s assimilation power;
– Destroy your enemies: annihilate everything in your way or earn points enemy bases;
– Explore multiple planets: each planet has its own biome and different enemies, which must be analyzed before carrying out your attack.

You can follow all its development here and on Twitter.