22 June 2024

River Tails: Stronger Together is a 3D co-op adventure platformer with a colourful cartoon aesthetic. This was the aspect that first caught my attention for this project. The characters look super cute and even though the little fish is meant to be crumpy, they both seem very enjoyable to play with. The objective involves teamwork to solve puzzles across a range of natural-world environments. This means that you have to choose your favourite, which can be very tricky. C’mon they both look sooo cute!

It all starts one day when Furple is playing around the den where he lives with his family, high up on top of an icy mountain. Furple is a sweet soul and can entertain himself for hours by chasing snow butterflies and bouncing on mushrooms. But, on this particular day, disaster strikes.

The big white wolf who terrorises the mountain cats has gone on the prowl, right where Furple is playing. Busy chasing a butterfly, Furple bumps into the wolf’s legs. Big mistake. Sprinting away from the furious wolf, Furple trips and falls into the fast-flowing stream. Before he knows it, he is being dragged away by the current, getting closer and closer to a ferocious waterfall until… darkness…

After falling for what feels like miles, Furple plops into the river at the foot of the mountain and land right onto the head of a grumpy fish called Finn.

This is where our story begins. Desperate Furple realises he needs to get home, as fast as his paws will carry him: the wolf is infamous for holding grudges and Furple’s family is now in serious danger.

Play either as Furple, the curious and excitable purple kitten, or Finn, the independent fish with a bit of an attitude problem. You’ll embark upstream with these unexpected allies, towards the icy mountain where Furple’s family are in mortal danger. To make progress up the river, you’ll need to master just two core actions: jumping and grabbing.

As the developers say in the Kickstarter video ” The makes it accessible to a wide range of gamers, from hardcore to casual – even those picking up a controller for the first time! “.

There’s still time for you to support this project on Kickstarter , or if you want you can try out the demo version first.