22 June 2024

Throughout the history of video games, the platoformer genre has always had a very demarcated expression from the rest, which, whether we like it or not, has been one of the foundations of weekend adventures, or when parents let us play. I speak for myself, of course, but I believe many have had a similar experience.

Over the years things have evolved to a different level and many doors have been opened for the creation of new stories that focus on hours of fun, with mechanics and small notes that differentiate these titles. Sackboy™: A Big Adventure is stitched together with the vibrant lines of a collectathon platformer, which at the outset has everything to be attractive, but leaves a little to be desired in many important aspects that lately can turn many players off, especially the younger generations. Not that this isn’t an accomplished title, but it is in fact aimed at a younger generation, making it a perfect experience for parents and children.

It can be said that this is the fourth title in a franchise well-known to players on Sony’s console. Little Big Planet paved its way with presentations of peculiar levels, the main character, who, even though not vibrant at first glance, is quite remarkable for the outfits that can be equipped and interesting gameplay, but one of the main hallmarks was the possibility of creating levels and sharing them on the vast internet so that other players could try them out. Surprisingly, in this new incursion, the plans were different and one of the most interesting ways simply disappeared. Sackboy™: A Big Adventure is thus a linear game, where it is possible to bring up to 3 friends, thus creating a party of up to 4 players, where the main objective will be to finish a panoply of levels that extend between 5 different worlds, while trying to stop Vex and his evil plan to control the entire world of Craftworld. Between levels, there are loads of items, clothes, and coins, in this case, soap bubbles, which can be collected to complete the level at 100%, but don’t expect a motivating story.

It should be noted that the multiplayer aspect on PC is only affecting this system, and there is a version for Steam and an Epic version and there, yes, there is the possibility of joining players from both platforms. If you want to join a friend on the console, you will have to purchase it on that platform.

Sackboy™: Big Adventure continues the list that’s been building up from Sony’s batch of titles released on PC. This title features several graphical options for players to tinker with and understand which options are best for their system. Even though it’s not graphically heavy, it feels good to be able to have the experience of playing it at more than 60 frames, without any kind of problem with frame drops or bugs.

Regarding the graphical aspect of the whole environment, a treat. A vibrant color palette that extends to all surfaces, passing through the detail of each texture. All the refinement that the player’s eyes are entitled to are undoubtedly present. The brilliant visuals go hand in hand with a funky soundtrack, which features remixes of popular songs.

Unfortunately, Sackboy™: A Big Adventure is nothing more than a title with a very appetizing appearance and small moments of fun, mostly spent with the company of another player. Its monotony and lack of anything new throughout your adventure fundamentally make things quite boring.