22 June 2024

We all know the basics of the words Yes and No and when to use them. Now imagine that the only word that your character can say is a No. That distant thought of saying “No!” to your boss feels a lot better than a dessert. That’s what happens with the title produced by Studio Fizbin and published by Thunderful Games.

Say NO! More is mostly an interactive film. Not so much as the Visual Novel genre, where it is possible to choose several answers to the questions. It is much simpler than that since the player will have at his disposal several ways to say “No”. At first glance it may seem that there is no interaction between the player and the game itself, however, the bizarre and super comical way in which all the characters involved in this story weave their lines, keep all the chapters of their plot very fresh.

The player thus begins with the possibility of creating his own character with attention to his wardrobe. This is one of the points that also makes this title so special, gender equality and the openness that the player has in creating his character. For instance, you want a character with masculine contours, but to wear a dress? Go for it!

Regarding the story, it starts out as a drama involved in a particular robbery…

Before that our main character is presented by his roommate friend, with a lunch box with a unicorn. As a good luck gesture for his first day at the new job.

Soon after, the player is introduced to the company as an intern. When entering the office area for the first time, introductions to the other interns begin by one of the managers, who seems to have a peculiar taste for asking the interns for meaningless things. The important thing to keep in mind from the first minute is to say “yes!” to everything that your superior asks you to do.

After spending all morning in this rush, lunchtime arrives and the manager realized that he forgot his lunch at home… So he decided to ask for the lunch box with the unicorn from his latest intern… We! Robbed for our superior?

Completely shattered by this cascade of events, something completely unexpected happens. A walkman with a cassette comes into this character’s life like a breath of fresh air, with a voice that draws on the lines of a “No!” This cassette contains the teachings of the “NO!” Guru. This Guru teaches the different ways of pronouncing this word that is so good in a company where no one has a friendly word for the intern.

It is important to note that each character is fully voiced as well as the main character who only pronounces a word and a few other sounds. Friendly reminded if you play the game in Portuguese you can hear a familiar voice *wink wink*.

That said, how does all the gameplay involved in this story unfold? Technically there is a little gameplay as the player only crosses the various obstacles if he presses one of the buttons to pronounce the word. The “No!” can thus be pronounced coldly, warmly, etc. There is no difference in practical terms between these options, only the voice or the sound emitted.

The aim is to push everything as we are completely involved in this completely new feeling of saying no to everything we are told:
Manager: “Make me a coffee”.
Player: “No!”.
Superior: “Make me copies of these documents”.
Manager: “No!”.

In addition to this array of responses, it is also possible to press the arrows on the controller (if played with the controller) to produce other types of actions. We can laugh at the requests of our superiors, clap with disdain, among others. This type of actions is also important to recover the stamina bar if you can call it that since it is possible to produce a stronger “No!”.

Say NO! More is a title that cannot be compared to any other. It presents a unique sense of humor wrapped in a final message that leaves everyone who played it to think about it. It doesn’t matter if the answer is yes or no, it has to make sense to you and no one can deprive you of your own ideas.

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[This review is based on a retail build of the game for Nintendo Switch, provided by Thunderful Games]