26 September 2023

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Sir Lovelot review

Sir Lovelot presented by the hand of the “pixel games” studio is a platform title that asks the player a lot of precision and persistence. Although it is not a very complicated game in its essence, there are definitely moments of frustration.

Sir Lovelot as its name implies have a crush on every single damsel. The player’s goal is to reach the end of each level. For this, it is necessary to first capture a flower to deliver to your loved one that it’s waiting for you. Between jumping over gaps with spikes, shooting at enemies or swiming the action is more than a lot.

It’s also possible to capture a whole panoply of other objects and even discover secret locations. However, in order to obtain the maximum score, it is, therefore, necessary to take certain points into account. First, finish the level with less than X lives lost. Often and if you are really a persistent player, it is possible to restart the level, and often this is the most suitable option.

In addition to this, it is possible to capture gems, rings, lollipops, and ducks with golden eggs. Exactly, ducks instead of chickens with golden egg. The whole ambiance of this game is enveloped in charm. Even the damsel herself is reminiscent of the Rapunzel story, or for the youngest, the Disney movie “Entangled” where the character has her long blond hair. In this case, the damsel will change the color of her hair, since it’s not always the same one waiting for her knight at the end of the level.

While controlling this walking knight, titles like Super Meat Boy crossed my mind many times, even though I don’t have the same kind of satisfaction, the whole gameplay feels solid. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to shoot while walking which cuts the action a little.

Although small, this adventure is set between four different worlds with around 40 levels in total. The difficulty increases and the integration of new enemies are done in a natural way.

In terms of replayability, it doesn’t add anything new, but it is interesting to see how the game becomes a lot easier at all levels. You recover more easily from the disadvantageous situations, and it’s possible to find secret places more easily.

This is undoubtedly an interesting title, but one that remains short. It is possible to finish this adventure in 2 hours. It is clear that the playing time is extendable and different from player to player, because as previously indicated it is possible to capture some objects and find secret locations in different worlds.

You can also watch the video review

[This review is based on a retail build of the game for Nintendo Switch, provided by pixelgames.]