24 September 2023

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Spellbreak is a Battle Royale with a very interesting premise and gameplay that presents great plans for the future. But is this a good enough title to break the stigma of already well-known Battle Royale titles?

It is really early to say this, but you may not even have to compete with this category. This title is so fundamentally different from the rest that it can attract groups of different players, as it looks like a mix between MMO and Battle Royale.

There are no weapons, to begin with, but spells. However, don’t expect to be able to summon a “Wingardium Leviosa” in the middle of a fight, as the spells seem more out of the “The Last Airbender”. It is thus possible to choose, as the main “gauntlet”, one of the six “elemental” spells available that separate between Ice, Lightning, Fire, Poison or Toxic, Stone, and Wind. This main gauntlet chosen before entering the game is the one that will receive experience points at the end of the game. Either way, it is possible to catch a secondary “gauntlet” during the game itself, thus having two types of attacks.

There is really something unique and completely different about Spellbreak, as it allows players to create very interesting “elemental” attack combinations to do even more damage to enemies. For example, it is possible to summon a toxic cloud that does slow damage over time around enemies, but combining this toxic cloud with a fire ability creates an instant explosion effect, which actually does a lot of area damage.

Although the game itself rewards these somewhat bizarre combinations to be able to take out enemies, the “mana” restrictions and “cool down” times of skills help to maintain some kind of honesty in confrontations. Even the flying skill consumes this “mana” bar. It is therefore important to be able to have some kind of control in the use of attack ability since it is possible to be vulnerable with some ease.

In addition to this panoply of attack combinations, Spellbreak adds items and artifacts that can be picked up in special boxes and portals, which have much better items than the boxes, spread across the map. Between belts that allow you to use armor potions, boots that make it possible to move the character faster, artifact skills are the ones that can bring some game changes. It is that the choice is really a lot, between invisibility, teleportation, or even the ability to fly like “kakarote” makes things much more interesting.

Don’t just believe, you can actually fly!

All the sound is very well implemented, except for the sound of the steps, as it seems to come from all directions, thus creating a point of distraction that can lead to seeing a giant stone more closely! Don’t even mention the graphics, which are absolutely delicious just like “Breath of the Wild”, where it’s easy to say that you like the whole look and feel. Although it doesn’t have much more than ruins around the entire map. Still, it runs perfectly on all platforms. As it is a free game it was much easier to test this title on all platforms at my disposal. Even the Nintendo Switch in portable mode is a game that behaves really well.

Although it is a free title it is possible to purchase the “Founder’s Pack” edition that adds a pair of skins and “money” to spend on skins, emotes, and other graphic aspects.

Spellbreak presents a very interesting approach to the Battle Royale formula that exchanges soldiers of all universes for sorcerers and weapons for magic. With a magic touch of art style and a panoply of very promising content on its horizon, it makes the whole effort of the battle to know who is the best sorcerer on the server, meaning.