24 September 2023

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Surviving the Humans on Kickstarter

Surviving the Humans is a 2D point-and-click adventure-style game. Face the humans, who will seek to eliminate you in any way, while you learn what it is to be a zombie, their customs, and the good and bad of being dead.

Play as Cooper, a zombie who rises from his grave in the 80s in a cemetery without knowing anything about his past. We accompany him and help him throughout a story where he learns what it means to be a zombie, what is the new way they see him, and how humans prejudge him. He tries at all times to survive the intolerance of the people. This is a different approach of the Zombie atmosphere since pretty much all Zombie stories picture them as bad, murderous, and monstrous. Who said the Zombies can’t have feelings?

Cooper did not choose to become a zombie, he just came back to life and now that he has succeeded, he is going to do everything he can to stay that way. Every action will be important since it will impact the rest of the town members.

Main Features

  • You have to collect items, use them in the correct places to solve the puzzles, and help Cooper in this new adventure.
  • Many items to grab and use.
  • Hundreds of interactive objects with funny descriptions.
  • Mini-games to test his skills.
  • A suspenseful and one-of-a-kind story.
  • Multiple characters, locations, and items.
  • 4 acts of pure action.
  • (Surprise) Learn how to be a real zombie and how to scare humans.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Surviving the Humans is available for a few more days! If you want to actually play the game before anything, there’s a demo version available on Steam.