22 June 2024

Swordcery presents himself as a rogue-like, melee-based action RPG. The player will be able to discover and unleash the power behind a multitude of magical swords. Yes, there are tons of different weapons with different abilities and different damage on hit. Seems only reasonable, right? Right.

With that said the player is the one in charge with his own build, and even tho that there are no classes attached to these weapons, they perform differently so the player has to adapt to the current weapon and her playstyle.

As for the story, a giant blade has plunged into the Earth bringing a hail of smaller blades along with it. Stabbed into the mountains, the calamitous sword seems to be draining the power of Earth itself and with each day the rain of swords grows heavier. This event has come to be known as the β€œWorld Rending”.

Guess what? The player aka you will be the one to put on the boots of Colt, an unwitting hero who has gained mysterious newfound flame abilities and the ability to wield the fallen blades and by the end of the day, the one saving the world.

The story is there for the sake of it, but I really think the joy of this title will be attached to the fun gameplay. There’s a demo version, or prologue version, of Sworcery currently available, so if you want to test it before committing to something, now it’s the perfect time to do so.

Combat in Swordcery fuses souls-like melee action with unique magical sword abilities. Combat pacing can be deliberate and methodical when approaching battles with caution or intense when surrounded by lots of foes. Encounters will test your ability to recognize enemy patterns, react to telegraphed attacks, utilize both melee and magical attacks, and manage your resources during the heat of battle.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Swordcery is available for a few more days!