30 November 2023

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Tchia, a vibrant world to explore

Tchia brims with love and references to a new culture that screams to be explored.

There are cultures with folklore related to varied monsters or even myths or stories that pass from generation to generation, with the simple purpose of impressing the idea on the little ones, that listening to the advice of parents or the elders is really the right thing to do. Looking back a few years later, we all realized that it was all a scheme to get us to behave or, the boogeyman was coming to take us away. Tchia is set in a story that follows these lines, there is a superior creature with magical powers that, unfortunately for the little ones, come from a peculiar diet made up of children.

It all starts around a bonfire on an island in French Polynesia, in a camp that welcomes children who are lost or who have lost their parents, when a lady with a tired countenance begins to tell the story of Tchia and her world full of adventures. Tchia is not a mischievous child, quite the contrary, she is quite adventurous and a friend of her father. Unfortunately, her adventure suffers a very complicated moment, when her father is captured by an evil entity called, Maevora. Tchia’s exploration skills are quickly put to the test when her goal is to free her best friend from the clutches of this evil being. This means leaving her small island and exploring new environments rich in different animal species. Everything in this title is very eye-catching, from the color of the sky that changes according to the time of day, the breathtaking landscapes, and even the animals, which even though they are somewhat minimalist, they can play their role.

Tchia is a special child, with a special power, with which she was born, but only from this moment of life that she understands how to use it. The ability serves the principle of shapeshifting with an object or animal. Some examples are marine animals, which make it possible to cross submerged places more quickly, or without the danger of losing your breath, or for example birds, which undoubtedly are the fastest method of locomotion after fast travel. Regarding objects, they work as the method of applying damage to enemies, although this title is not at all focused on these moments, there is in fact the need to take down some enemies, made of cloth, scattered around the map. Now, cloth does not mix with fire, so Tchia will be able to change shape with a burning log from a bonfire or even an oil lamp.

Exploration is undoubtedly the strongest point of this adventure. The variety and fluidity of movements that Tchia has at her disposal make the exploration aspect quite fun. There is a map, however, it is not displayed in the traditional way. The map appears clean of any point or marker, of course, the point to which the player will have to move to follow the main story will appear, but all collectible content, which is secondary, is “hidden”. Exploration is the key to unlock it. When passing through a specific point that contains something collectible, it will be marked on the map, or if you want, there is a high point on the map, just like Assassin’s Creed and its moments of synchronization with the map, which unlock everything throughout an area. Even so, it is curious to notice that Tchia does not appear on the map as a small dot. To help guide the player in the first moments, there are small directional poles where, then, if the player interacts with them, the figure of Tchia will appear on the map, marking the precise point where she is. Of course, all the problems and disorientations that may exist at first are quickly overcome, with the help of markers left by the player on the map and a small compass.

It’s interesting to notice that there are small minigames that manage to put the player’s skills to the test and that culminate in a different purpose. It is thus possible to carve masks in a wooden trunk that, when placed in the right place, open the door to magical and secret places, or to build a tower of stones that, after its completion, teach a new melody that can be played. on the Ukulele, in order to give a momentary buff, such as the possibility of having a bubble around the head, allowing you to venture into underwater environments without the problem of losing your breath. Speaking of Ukulele, the musical moments are quite remarkable, giving the possibility of connecting with the people present in different places.

Throughout the 10 chapters, it is difficult to present concrete data about the time of the end of the story. In fact, this title screams to be explored, although most of the content is just aesthetic it is interesting to be able to change both the character and the elements present in the boat. Yes, there is a boat that allows you to cross the sea and reach new islands.

Tchia brims with love and references to a new culture and, as I mentioned, screams to be explored. The music, the environment and the exploration skills culminate in a touching and fun adventure for all who decide to go there.