22 June 2024

June marks the month of summer, although this is not a summer like the previous ones. However, we can always enjoy living other stories and wear the shoes of different characters. Check out our list with 9 titles being released during this month:

Evan’s Remains is an action platformer with puzzles, set in an atmosphere of cute pixel graphics. A boy named Evan disappears, and a few years after a mysterious letter appears at the protagonist’s doorstep. The player plays the role of this girl named, Dysis in search of answers.   

Warborn is a Turn-Based tactical game. As the political climate between factions is thrown out of balance and the solar system is engulfed in conflict, the player can lead the strike force of deadly mecha towards Victory! This title counts with 40 mission campaign, the possibility to create maps, practice in skirmish and even adventuring across multiplayer battles.

Project Starship X is a Roguelite shooter. Embrace this vertical rogue-lite action title with high Replayability thanks to procedural generation. Follow the adventure of a mythical creature, Swagthulhu in this cosmic horror parody.

Danger Scavenger is fast-paced action with a cyberpunk atmosphere that features dungeon crawler and roguelike elements. Choose your way to higher levels, loot, buy stuff, upgrade yourself, fight against greedy corporations, be a rebel!

Haxity is a cyberpunk, rogue-lite, action deck-builder. Draft your deck, modify your fighter, and outsmart your opponent. Fight online, challenge your friends or terminate the AI.

Waking is na atmospheric adventure that combines third-person action and guided meditation. This title is an emotional adventure through your dying mind. Battle the forces of oblivion, conjure the memories of loved ones, and join them in the fight for your life.

  • The Almost Gone (PC, Switch, IOS, Android) – 25 June  – Dev: @hvgames

In The Almost Gone, experience the intricate dioramas and connections of your life, and the ripples we all make, in this award-winning narrative puzzle game about death, loss, and mental health.

Tainted Grail is a dark fantasy open-world RPG with turn-based combat. Conquer Avalon in a hardcore roguelike mode or unravel the mysteries of Guardian Menhirs in a narrative-driven open-world RPG – a bold reimagining of Arthurian legends. Explore, make tough choices, and live with their consequences… or fight your way through the hardships.

Townscaper is na instant town building toy. Awesome to scare away your problems and just loose yourself in this cute little town full of your ideas.