22 June 2024

Looks like the Vampire atmosphere is back in fashion, and that’s good! V Rising is a title that mixes concepts in a very captivating way and some call it “Vampire Valheim”. As I’ve never played Valheim, I can’t say for sure that the name really does justice, however, from the little I’ve seen of Valheim, I can see the similarities. Still, V Rising has consistent combat mechanics, much like a Diablo, with survival and crafting. Who hasn’t dreamed of building their own Dracula’s castle?

Well, V Rising allows the player to put himself in the shoes of a Vampire who once lived in an area controlled by his species. It so happens that the times of the Vampires saw their days to end on account of the invasion of human forces. After years off the surface, these bloodsuckers are back stronger and smarter than ever. It is true that the story ends there and serves only as a backdrop for all the action. The benefit that the player will have from this title comes entirely from the fun of the gameplay, which allows it to be experienced on servers with other players, also allowing the creation of a clan of up to four members and fighting for positions on the map. It is also possible to lead a quieter life and join friends on a PVE server, or even play alone. There are in fact many paths to choose from, but without a doubt, the best way to take full advantage of this title is the PVP aspect, create a clan and always have your heart in your hands for fear that another clan will attack you.

The graphics are another very eye-catching aspect. From the highly populated villages, through the somehow frightening forests, or even the cemeteries with their fog aura that hides dozens of enemies. Even during action and combat, all the effects produced by the attacks are hats off. And what about the construction? Whether the player wants to be a “Honey I Changed the House”, or just wants to do the bare minimum to have a fully functional Dracula mansion. the construction is quite simple, intuitive, and captivating. Even about the storage, this title allows you to click on just one button to organize all the material, from the same source, already present in the box. Small aspects that make it easier in the long run and that make V Rising a really fun title.

There is no skill tree that can be unlocked with points, or classes that allow the player to be stronger with certain weapons. Instead, there is the possibility of killing Bosses that give the player their powers and even recipes for new equipment or objects. These powers can be equipped as you wish and are split between normal and special abilities. Yet there is also the skill or abilities of each weapon. There are actually some buttons to be clicked during combat and as you gain more knowledge it’s normal to get more and more powerful. This isn’t a problem at all, because the combat and all the abilities are pretty intuitive.

As mentioned, there are no classes. There are, yes, weapons with different types of attack and even several types of blood that when consumed, give different passive abilities to their new wielder. Everything that has blood in V Rising has a different blood type and a different percentage of purity. The higher your purity, the more skills are acquired. It’s really interesting to understand what you want to do next and capture the specific blood type for that activity. For example, wolves allow greater protection from the sun and run faster, unlike other blood types that are indicated for combat, dealing more physical or magical damage, and so on. Also in this chapter, blood is not infinite, so it is important to pay attention to this aspect. This blood bar works a bit like a food bar and if it reaches 0, the player will start taking damage. It is also one of the ways to recover health, so it is possible to consume the blood to recover the bar that affects life.

It’s important to note that V Rising is currently in early access, so much can still be changed. It would be interesting to have servers where after a few weeks everything was completely wiped and where the player would have to start all over again. This would make players feel interested and make everything a little more competitive. There are really a lot of bosses and all of them have different types of attacks, but at the moment when you find out everything and if you defeat all the bosses, the gameplay is just attacking other players’ castles. Still, this is a really interesting title. Yes, the open-world genre with crafting mechanics isn’t new, but it’s really refreshing to put yourself in the shoes of a vampire.