22 June 2024

WoodZone is a unique opportunity to become an entrepreneurial lumberjack. This title counts now with a Kickstarter campaign!

Imagine that you have a company that grows in front of your eyes or you go up the ladder in another corporation to eventually become the boss in it. The player has a lot of “sandbox rakes and blades” that open up new possibilities. Lighting in the sawmill can be built on the principle of “put and work”, but a more demanding player can develop them using logic gates and cables. For example, it can be lit when entering the building, the place for wood is full or there are no raw materials.

The game provides, among others, conveyors, computers, cameras, sensors, logic gates, cabling, vehicles, robots, construction parts. This allows you to create excellent mechanisms that automate work: wood sorter, a machine that checks the quality of wood, a production efficiency meter, an automatic feeder, and so on.

Get your lumberjack shirt ready and chop chop away!

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