22 June 2024

Yes, Your Grace from the Brave at Night studios, is a kingdom management game, a bit like the much-vaunted “Game of Thrones” series, where the player will have to make decisions that will probably come back later to bite his heels. Yes, decisions will be a snowball of events.

This title puts the player in the shoes of Eryk, king and therefore leader of the kingdom of Dravern. A series of past complications has led to this point where the whole line of development begins. Enemy armies are marching towards their territory and Eryk has no direct heir. So you are in a delicate situation while trying to meet the needs of your people.

The aim of the game is to put the player in the position of king, listening to the requests, complaints and needs of the inhabitants of his kingdom, while trying to answer these problems with the support of his advisor. This all mixes with the history of the king’s family, which also needs to make decisions that may or may not lead to less good outcomes.

Eryk’s family is very pleasant and united, all very explicit in the lines of text that each character presents and that perfectly reveals his whole way of being. One of the good examples is his youngest daughter, Cedini, who tries very hard to find a pet, who can either be a snail, a teddy bear or even a fox.

Each day, a group of peasants, leaders of other clans or other types of individuals appear in the royal room asking for help. Either because a plague hit your village, or a new idea for an enterprise in the kingdom. It is up to the player to decide the best way to help that individual, or if, at all, will not help him.

There are resources and other means to meet these needs. Of course, it is not always possible to meet all requests since the resources, both resources such as money or supplies, as well as human resources, are scarce and have to be measured and put on the field in the best possible way. In between there are several trails, since not all people care for the best interests of the kingdom and its King, so it is also necessary to pay attention and classify the honest from the not so honest.

Can this whole panoply of management and branches of mistakes and possible failures be fun? No doubt! With all these decisions and paths that can lead to different outcomes, there is room for good hours of entertainment.

This title also gives wings to exploration, even if it is for small spaces, with the mechanics of “point and click”. Not being at all the main focus of the story, these may contain some important elements, such as finding clues to a murder or small meetings with family members in order to appease the most excited spirits.

Yes, Your Grace presents a pixel art graphic style, very well done and can transmit a great impact. The presentation is also enhanced by the music, which transports the player to what is happening on the screen.